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Hallowe’en and All Souls/Saints Days

It’s Hallowe’en night and all the trick-or-treaters have retreated into their lairs to hoard down on the candy. I don’t know what things were like for you tonight, but the weather here in Toronto was cold and so we were down almost 50% in the numbers of kids we had. Wish we’d known that was . . . → Read More: Hallowe’en and All Souls/Saints Days

Cholera in Haiti and Compassion

The Cholera outbreak in Haiti is effecting a number of Compassion Child Development Centers. See the link below for details.

Advisory: Cholera in Haiti.

Pray for the Compassion workers, for the children and their families as they deal with yet another disaster in their country.

The Morning After

Well yesterday was municipal election day here in Ontario. Most municipalities held elections for mayor, city counsel, school boards, etc. Here in Toronto, it was no different. We had our election too.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the election results here in Toronto. Rob Ford, a very boisterous, cost-cutting candidate won for Mayor, beating . . . → Read More: The Morning After

Letter from Bangladesh

Today we got a letter from one of our Compassion Kids. I love these letters as their honesty is wonderful. Here’s the letter as it was received from our child in Bangladesh – Khadiza (8 yrs old)…

Dear Sponsors, Murray and Nancy Lahn

Take my greetings. Thank you so much for your letters and sticker. . . . → Read More: Letter from Bangladesh

Where Has ‘Trust’ Gone?

[First of all let me say that I know I’m going to get in trouble for a lot of what I say in here, but this topic has been on my mind for a long time and recent events have brought it to the forefront once again *sigh*. And sorry if this is a little . . . → Read More: Where Has ‘Trust’ Gone?