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How Did We Get Started with @Compassion?

I can’t remember exactly when it started, but I can remember watching a video one year on TV about kids who needed sponsoring? I had been a “church goer” all my life, but when I moved out to start my career in Toronto, I had made a “real” commitment to Christ and decided that I . . . → Read More: How Did We Get Started with @Compassion?


Well, for us in Canada, Thanksgiving has already come and gone, but for our American neighbours (or in their case neighbors) it’s Thanksgiving today. On a day like today I can’t help but be thankful. Of course I should be every day (and generally I am), but when someone says you should be thankful, you . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving

Christmas and Compassion

Well, Christmas is approaching quickly. Someone reminded me the other day that it’s only about 42 days away and of course that started the flury of “Christmas Lists” flowing around our house. The kids (and I have to admit, me too) have been thinking about what would be nice to give/get for Christmas. Recovering from . . . → Read More: Christmas and Compassion

Surgery and Silence

Being home following surgery certainly has it’s advantages. For instance, this afternoon my wife went out for her weekly volunteering at the Pregnancy Care Center and house was quiet…. real quiet. So quiet I could hear the clocks ticking all over the house. It was a wonderful time of solitude so I pulled out my . . . → Read More: Surgery and Silence

Home and Alive

From all indications the surgery went well. We were a little delyed getting in and it was longer that *I* thought it would be but the Dr. says eveything went fine and the nurses were all pleased with my recovery.

I’m not in any pain, but it feels like you have a really bad cold . . . → Read More: Home and Alive