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Funerals and Visits

This past weekend was a lot of bittersweet memories for us this weekend. On Saturday we went back to our old church to celebrate the life of a dear lady who was one of the founding members of our congregation. We’ve watched her over the last many years struggle with the recovery from a stroke . . . → Read More: Funerals and Visits

A High-Tech Path to Leadership

In episode 17 of Missions in Action we meet former Leadership Development Program student, Blesslin. At 23-years-old, Blesslin has gone from living in a home made of cow dung, to starting her own company and plans to give back to her community as her business grows. None of this would be possible without Compassion and . . . → Read More: A High-Tech Path to Leadership

Haiti 2 Years Later

Well, I can’t believe it’s been 100 posts on this blog. Not sure I’ve said much, but it’s been fun anyway. Today’s topic… Haiti.

It’s hard to believe that two years ago today the county of Haiti was rocked by a major earthquake and the Port Au Prince area was devastated and reduced to rubble.

. . . → Read More: Haiti 2 Years Later

It Was One Year Ago…

January 11, 2011. Not my favourite day, by any means.

At roughly 7:00pm we get a phone call from my wife’s brother to tell us that their older sister, Brenda, hasn’t been seen or heard from since early that morning. Phoned in sick to work. Cell phone off. Nothing.

(We also get a phone call . . . → Read More: It Was One Year Ago…

Nagpur’s Red Light Children

Here’s another video from Missions in Action. This one dealing with the kids of sex trade workers in Nagpur, India.

Alex visits a fortress-like community center in Nagpur, India’s red light district, where every single kid is a child of a commercial sex worker.


Be sure to check out the other videos . . . → Read More: Nagpur’s Red Light Children