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Child Sponsorship? What’s that about?

Okay, if you’ve followed my blog for any period of time you know that I’m passionate about Compassion and child sponsorship, but if you’re new to this whole concept, maybe you don’t know what sponsorship is all about. Well, tonight’s your lucky night. I’m going to tell you 🙂

Let’s say you’re a child growing . . . → Read More: Child Sponsorship? What’s that about?

Happy Leap Day!

It’s February 29th. You can’t say that too often. Well, actually about once every 4 years. But you know, it’s not EVERY four years, just some of them. The actual calculation goes like this…

If the year is evenly divisable by 4 then it’s a Leap Year, UNLESS it’s also evenly divisible by 100, then . . . → Read More: Happy Leap Day!

Cost Effective Compassion

I read an interesting article the other day in Christianity Today (the link to the full article is here). To quote from one of the opening paragraphs…

But what are the best ways to help those living in developing countries By “best,” I mean most effective: things that actually help people rise out of poverty, . . . → Read More: Cost Effective Compassion

Giving up something for Lent? How about $41/month?

I’m not big on this “giving up something for Lent” thing. I think most people do it to “show off” rather than actually give up something that will lead them into a closer relationship with Christ. Not drinking coffee for 40 days; not eating chocolate; not playing on Facebook are all good things, but ONLY . . . → Read More: Giving up something for Lent? How about $41/month?

13 Measures of a Very Healthy Church

I was reading through a blog tonight (Christianity 201) by a friend of mine, and in a post the other day (Church Year in Review) he quoted from a blog by a pastor in Ohio. In the blog entry, entitled “Some Vital Statistics for 2011” he linked to his church’s “13 Measures of a Healthy . . . → Read More: 13 Measures of a Very Healthy Church