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Six Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring a Child

By now, most of you know (unless of course, you’re new to my blog), that we sponsor a LOT of kids around the world. Most of these kids are sponsored through Compassion Canada (since we’re Canadians :)), but our family has in the past, and does currently have kids through other organizations as well. We . . . → Read More: Six Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring a Child

“The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!!”

Just when summer arrives full force, and you want to be outside you learn that it’s not safe to go outside. I’m not talking about those menacing UV rays that will give you cancer, I’m talking about falling objects!!!

If you go downtown in Toronto this past week you could have been possibly exposed to . . . → Read More: “The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!!”

Dreams and Memories – Gifts from God.

I have to admit, I dream a lot at night, but rarely do I remember the dreams after I wake up. When I do, usually the dreams deal with me saving the world in some form or another. Guess I’m just a closet super-hero-wanna-be or something. 🙂

Anyway, last night I had a very vivid . . . → Read More: Dreams and Memories – Gifts from God.

Moments with Morley (In Order)

Some folks have been asking for a summary of “Moment with Morley” in order. So here you go 🙂 Each link will open a new window, so you can keep this index handy.

If you want to send this list to someone else, then send them to

Moments with Morley – Introduction Moments with . . . → Read More: Moments with Morley (In Order)

There Goes A Hero…

Five days ago the world lost a great man, a caring Christian pastor, a great friend, and my father-in-law. On April 27th, Rev. Morley Grant Clarke went home to be with his Lord. We rejoice with him that he is now reunited with those who have gone before him, and we grieve with those who . . . → Read More: There Goes A Hero…