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Thankful – How About You?

Today on Facebook, pastor and author Pete Wilson (Facebook, Blog, Twitter), wrote…

Spent some time this morning flipping through current news stories. I could almost feel the darkness closing in.

Aren’t you getting tired of the cloud of negativity which seems to be hovering over our culture today? I know the economy could be stronger. . . . → Read More: Thankful – How About You?

Birthday Parties and Great Kids

Saturday was CRAZY at our house. Our youngest, celebrated her 16th Birthday (even though it’s not until this coming Friday) with about 18 or her friends from school and church. They celebrated with a water balloon fight (over 500 balloons!), a hose fight (only one hose), and eventually a coconut cream pie in the face . . . → Read More: Birthday Parties and Great Kids

Kapow Shrimp V1.0

So for Father’s Day my one son and his girlfriend decided they were going to make “Kapow Shrimp” for me.  Now when you usually try to replicate restaurant recipes they never turn out the way the restaurant makes them (I’m still trying to make the Lin Garden Green Beans!!), however, they managed to find a recipe online from someone . . . → Read More: Kapow Shrimp V1.0

Overlooking an Offense (via @PWilson)

I just ran across this posting from Pete Wilson’s Facebook page (Pete is the pastor at Crosspoint Church in Nashville, and the author of several books, and a blog). I love following his insight and wisdom and today’s “gem” is a great one for us ALL to remember… including ME!!!

We live in a culture . . . → Read More: Overlooking an Offense (via @PWilson)