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Don’t Believe Child Sponsorship Works? You’re Wrong!

Over the years of sponsoring children in other countries through Compassion, and other organizations, I’ve had people ask me “Does it really make a difference?”  I’ve always believed it did, but never had factual evidence to back it up.

Well, today Compassion was proud to release a study that was done by Dr. Bruce Wydick, professor . . . → Read More: Don’t Believe Child Sponsorship Works? You’re Wrong!

Perfect Christmas Gifts

Okay, I stole this from the Compassion International’s Facebook page, but I couldn’t have said it better myself!! To buy your gifts you can click here for Canada, and here for the USA.


Christmas Shopping Again?

Wow! It’s that time of year again, isn’t it. In the USA, this is the big kickoff to the Christmas shopping season. “Black Friday” is this coming week. Have you made your list? Have your kids sent you theirs?

If so, pull out your list. Take a GOOD look at the list. How much of . . . → Read More: Christmas Shopping Again?

Further Info on Sandy’s effects on Haiti and DR

Here’s an additional update from Compassion regarding the hurricane’s effects on Haiti and the Dominican Republic…

Compassion Haiti has provided more information regarding the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

Disaster Alert: Hurricane Sandy (Haiti)

Nationally, flooding waters have decreased but communication and transportation remain difficult. An additional 584 children from seven ICPs have been affected. These . . . → Read More: Further Info on Sandy’s effects on Haiti and DR

Sandy Storm and Compassion Kids

We have two Compassion Kids who are located in Haiti. We got this report from Compassion today regarding the impact of the storm.

Haiti: Hurricane Sandy

Currently, 752 children from 25 Compassion Implementing Church Partners have been affected. These families have had their homes damaged or destroyed. As well, their gardens have been damaged and . . . → Read More: Sandy Storm and Compassion Kids