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God’s Hand – Part 2 – The Hits Just Keep on Comin’

The other day I wrote a post on out home buying experience so far and how God’s hand appears to have been in it all the way.  Well, today I want to add a couple more things that have been added to this list.

We did the home inspection yesterday (nothing major was found), but this was our experience:

  1. Friendship – When we arrived, a friend of the couple who are selling the house was there to greet us.  (The owners appear to be have been out of town for 3 months, return in April.)  He was a very nice guy who obviously knew LOTS about the house and was able to answer a lot of questions.  The seller’s Agent was there — with Tim Hortons coffee, bagels and buns — and was also extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  What a great way to break the ice and get to know the previous owners vicariously at least.
  2. Going Before Us – In conversations, it turned out the seller’s Agent had actually attended our chuch a couple times and was good friends with another member of the congregation who Nancy got to know real well while helping out with the Out of the Cold program earlier this year.  Nancy was able to have a very long, wonderful conversation with her while the Inspector was inspecting.  Who knows what will come of this, but it’s obvious that God’s hand was in it.
  3. No Worry – On Saturday we had a concern over how we would get sufficient Internet into the house.  Yesterday we heard that a little while ago, the owners were contacted by an Internet Service Provider to see if it would be possible to utilize the 100′  tower on the property to distribute wireless Internet to our new community.  If this ends up panning out, I could be PAID to use the Internet 🙂
  4. Provision – The seller has also approached us (through the friend) about buying his large snowblower and riding lawn mower and about replacing a shed in the yard that was slightly crushed by the excessive snow and ice over the winter!!
  5. More Provision – On Sunday we were approached by three people who’d heard about our move offering both services (to paint and move) and to buy a car.

No doubt…. God is Good!!!


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  1. cozycuddles

    It’s exciting to see that God is making connections for us at the new house already. Can’t wait to see if He’ll make it possible to have internet connections too lol!

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