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Two New Sponsored Kids

Over the past few months, two of the kids we sponsored through Compassion Canada, dropped out of the projects in their respective countries and hence our sponsorship of them was terminated.  We lost Paula from Columbia who we had sponsored for 8 years, and Tasya from Indonesia who our daughter had communicated with for the last 5.  We were especially sad to lose Paula, as her family had pulled her out of the program after converting to Judaism.

But today we went to the Compassion Canada website and picked up two new little 5 year old girls — Narm, from Thailand, and Kimberly from Honduras.  I wanted to sponsor a little boy from Ecuador whose name was “Jesus” but fortunately when I went looking for him today — his birthday — he was “gone”.  Someone else gave him a wonderful birthday present :).

Narm (her full name being “Nongnapat Nawpraison”) lives with her mother and father in Thailand.  Her mother and father are sometimes employed as farmers.  There are 2 children in her family and she is in kindergarten where her performance is average.  She likes to play house, do art, and play with dolls.

Kimberly lives with her father and mother in Honduras.  Her father is employed and her mom maintains their home.  She also has 2 children in her family and she loves singing and playing with dolls as well.  She turned 5 just 2 days ago.

It will be great fun hearing from them.  The letters we receive are always so much fun (and sometimes the translations make it even more fun).  It is wonderful to hear just how much they are able to buy with the extra Christmas and Birthday gifts we send (and the things they spend it on). They are SO appreciative of the support they receive and knowing that we are helping not only the child, but also the family, brings many smiles to our faces.

We now sponsor 9 children all over the world in ages varying from 5 to 21.  Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure to sponsor 19 different children.  I don’t say that to brag, but to encourage you to consider sponsoring your own kids.  We cannot recommend Compassion Canada (or Compassion International) highly enough.  They operate with immense integrity (two of the projects we sponsor kids through were actually shut down temporarily while their operations were checked out by Compassion, but are now back up and running again) with as little overhead as possible on the funds you send.  Above all however, is the fact that the children in the project are exposed to the gospel.  Compassion in unabashedly a Christian organization.  Their motto is “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name” they don’t sway from that (see some of my earlier posts).

I encourage you to consider sponsoring a child through Compassion.  The joy it brings to you is immeasurable, and the joy it brings to the kids and their families is invaluable.

God bless as you consider your role in enhancing the lives of the poor around the world.


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