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We’re Gonna Be Grandparents!

After holding it in for over a week, and nearly exploding, we can finally tell you that we are going to be grandparents come October!!

That’s right!  We are overjoyed to announce that Tim and Rachel surprised us on Sunday, May 6th with this early Mother’s Day card…

For the backstory to this card I need to back up about 5 years or so to when we lived in our old house in Scarborough.  Jordan and Rachel had been over at our house and when they’d left one morning, Jordan had left a card on Nancy’s computer in the kitchen that was addressed… “To Grandma… That’s You!”  It was to be dropped off to Nancy’s Mom who was living (and still is) at Shepherd Village just a few blocks away, and Nancy was going to take it to her.  Tim came down, to go to school, I think, and saw this in Jordan’s writing and thought “OMG! Jordan’s left this on Mom’s computer as a way to tell her that they’re expecting!!!”, which of course turned out to be totally wrong, but made for a good story, and a great ongoing joke.

Well, this time it’s no joke!!!  The expected delivery date is October 28th, 2018

It will be their first child, and our first grandchild!

God is SO, SO good!!

Grandpa Lahn

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