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Again? You bet!! That makes THREE!

Okay, so by now you know that mid-May we were surprised with the announcement that the wives of our two oldest boys were expecting within a month of each other.  And you know they always say things always come in threes?  Well, they’re right again!  Daniel and Jess are expecting their first child (our third grandchild) in early March 2019!!

Last weekend, our third son (Daniel) and his wife (Jessa) were at our house for a full family get together — kind of a post-June wedding / summer fling / excuse to eat Sunday.  I’d just had eye surgery the few days before, and we’d overdone it by going to the baseball game on Saturday, so we were both (my wife and I) quite tired.

After playing a few games, Daniel decided he had to show us a video that he and Jess were putting together to go on their Youtube channel and wanted to know if we wanted a preview.  Well, the video turned out to be them making a double-layer pizza, and was quite cute.  I won’t spoil the ending, but suffice it to say, it was a revealing video.

The video ended.  There was silence.  Nancy and I looked at each other in stunned amazement.  And then the shoe dropped.  Number Three was on the way!!!  Because we were so tired, and because the secret had already sneaked out to the other kids, the reaction wasn’t as loud and crazy as the previous reveal in May, but we are again over the moon with pride and excitement!!

This has been a busy year for Daniel and Jess.  Over the past year, Daniel has been working hard at a new job in Cambridge at Frito-Lay, Jess has been working and going to school, just yesterday (Aug 17th) they took possession of their first home in Brantford, and now they are expecting their first child!!  (As it turns out, they found out about the baby one day after buying the house, and at Bethany’s wedding in June, Jess was in fact pregnant, although even she didn’t know it yet!!)

So as of this posting, we are looking at baby girl “Bean” in 73 days (Oct 31), baby girl “Sprout” in 98 days (Nov 25), and baby something (unknown yet) “Blue” (short for “Blueberry”) in 195 days (March 2)!!

And you can bet the preparations for turning our home into a nursery are fully underway! 



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