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Reflections; Sadness and Joy

I’m sitting at home today with an ear infection, not really being able to hear well out of my left ear, hoping that the drops and antibiotics are really doing their thing.

In the meantime I’m reading through ‘stuff’ on the Internet. I’m reading about:

  • 50 Muslims killed in New Zealand by a crazed guy as a backlash against immigration
  • 120 Christians killed in Nigeria by radical Muslim terrorist factions like Boko Harum
  • Unborn babies being killed by doctors around the world
  • Back-biting and put-downs in comments on all sides

I’m sad.

And I see pictures and posts from my family:

  • An amazing new grandson
  • Two beautiful grand-daughters
  • Four wonderful kids and their equally wonderful spouses
  • A fantastic wife who’s right now out helping a refugee family from Zimbabwe find an affordable apartment

I’m joyful.

Joyful and sad at the same time.

I pray that the good of this world will start to overcome the evil. I know in the end it certainly will, and evil will be crushed, but I pray for our kids and grandkids and their kids, that this world will see The Light – The Son of the Living God – and that mankind will finally get their heads screwed on right.


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