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Compassion in the Philippines – Part 4

So, what did you do at work today?  Maybe you had a rough day.  Maybe you had to deal with some tough situations, but I bet you didn’t have to scavenge for scraps in a dump!!

Missions in Action wants to take you to the Philippines again, where you can see two sisters who help out their family by working in a dump to scavenge bottles, metal and wire just to help out their families.


Does that look disgusting to you?  Then why not go online now to either Compassion Canada, or Compassion International, and sponsor a child and help them get out of this cycle of poverty.  What better Christmas gift could you even think of buying online this Cyber Monday?

Don’t think you can afford to sponsor a child, but you want to help out?  Then why not consider a “Gift of Compassion”.  See my previous post for more details.

Change a life….. now!


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