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About Murray

Well, what can I say….  I’m an old guy who still thinks young 🙂 

I have a wonderful wife, and three sons, one daughter, three daughters-in-law, one son-in-law, three grand-daughters and two grandsons (with another on the way)!

I used to be highly involved (some would say “over involved”) at our first church, Good Shepherd Community Church, where I was a Worship Leader, the Audio-Visual Coordinator, the Technology Director, and general mischief-maker (I used to be one of the Elder’s too), however, we left that church in 2011 and moved to the bridge, Markham, and then switched again in 2020 to Cedarview Community Church in Newmarket, and so we’re less busy now (not really).

Together with my wife, we used to lead the Alpha Course, which is a practical introduction to the Christian faith, and a lot of fun (it’s a lot of work too, but the fun out-weighs the work most of the time).  We recently starting volunteering with Compassion Canada, helping out with live events and services.

Musically I like almost everything (even a little country from time to time) and love to play guitar while leading God’s people in worship. I actually thought at one point of going out and being a full time worship leader, but God had other plans for me, and so I do it at our church and at other places when asked.

I love Contemporary Christian Music in all it’s forms — Hard Rock to Worship — and everything in between, and have it on most of the time at home or in the car.  God created us to worship Him, and so that’s what I’m gonna do 🙂

Well, that’s it for now.  If I think of anything more, I’ll update this page so check back from time to time.

(Last Updated: January 2021)

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