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Is the Ice Bucket Challenge All Wet?

art.hawkingSo unless you’ve been living under a rock these last couple weeks (or just don’t have access to the Internet, in which case you’re probably not reading this anyway) you’ve probably seen all these crazy people dousing themselves in ice cold water.  Now I know it’s summer and all, but I also know that it hasn’t been that hot, so what are these people up to?  Well, they are trying to raise awareness (and money) for ALS research (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).


ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) is

a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cells (neurons) responsible for controlling voluntary muscles (muscle action we are able to control, such as those in the arms, legs, and face). The disease belongs to a group of disorders known as motor neuron diseases, which are characterized by the gradual degeneration and death of motor neurons.  (Link)

It’s a horrible disease.  One that most people know nothing about (including me).

ice-bucket-challengeBUT… someone came up with the idea of challenging people to either cough up $100 for ALS research or dump a bucket of icy cold water over their head (or both) and then challenge three other people to do the same.

Sounds like a stupid idea, and it is.  BUT, it’s working!!  According to an article I read this morning (Aug 20th)….

The Ice Bucket Challenge saw people donate $7.3 overnight and total donations has reached a total of $22.9 million, 12 times the amount raised last year according to the ALS Association! Steven Spielberg, Justin Bieber and Bill Gates are among many celebrities pouring buckets of ice water over their heads and donating to fight Lou Gehrig’s disease, in a fundraising effort that has gone viral. Since June, several thousand people worldwide have recorded themselves getting drenched, then posted the stunt online and challenged others to do the same, or pledge USD 100 to ALS research. Many have done both, in an effort that has raised millions of dollars for the ALS Association, which combats amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. (Link)

Of course people could give without making fools of themselves.  Of course people could give without showing off.  Of course people could give without name dropping people they challenge.  But usually they don’t (at least not in this great a response).  In this case they do, and so this stupid stunt is a fantastic idea.

Wish I’d thought of it for Compassion Sponsorship :)


Summer? What Summer? I Missed It!

Well, it’s been over 2 months since I last posted an entry here. I need to do this more often, but I can’t believe how fast this summer has nearly gone by!! So much has happened, but in a lot of ways, so much has happened that it really doesn’t even feel like summer has happened at all (of course it doens’t help that the weather hasn’t felt much like summer recently either).

So what’s been going on?

First, we’re settling into the routine of the new house. I think my family is getting tired of me saying “I love this place”, but I really do. It’s SO peaceful. Sure there’s tonnes to do (cutting the 2 acres of grass, building a new shed, planting new trees and bushes, cutting down others, organizing life, etc) and it’s a hike to virtually everything (stores, church, work, etc, but also just a hike to the garage or shed to get things like tools or nails!), but for the most part, it’s a relaxing hike.

Getting home from work every day and driving down the country roads to get to home somehow just makes the commute all worth it. Rather than ‘fighting’ traffic, I’m able to simply drive and relax seeing how the corn fields are growing, or watching the horses grazing in the meadows. Of course, those days when I can work from home and look out at the trees make ever the job more enjoyable too!

Second, we’re now into “wedding planning mode”. Both of my two remaining unmarried sons decided to get engaged over the past few months and both are getting married in 2015! Of course, I haven’t had to do too much with that, but there is great excitement, nervousness, anticipation and fear running through the house. This is going to be fun year in so many ways :)

Third, the school year is fast approaching again. With having made the move to Cedar Valley we knew it would mean new routines and new challenges for transportation. Of course we bought two used cars to help with these potential issues but there’s still a lot of uncertainty about how we’re going to pull it all off. With three kids all going to different schools with different timetables (and part-time jobs), me going to the client (and with the distinct possibility that the contract might end in October) and my wife juggling her schedule, our efforts to carpool as much as possible will certainly be stretched to the limit.

Like I said, the move has complicated our life, but surprisingly in a relaxing way (at least *I* think so. Others in the family might disagree ;)). Our only wish was that there were more free nights and weekends to have you all over! Now that fall is getting ready to settle in (yikes!) we hope that we’ll be able to invite friends up to have some food and drink and just relax.

Hopefully more frequent updates will come. :)


Settling In – A Slow Process

Well, it’s been just over a week since the movers left. Probably 70% of the boxes are unpacked now. Stuff is still scattered around the house, but it’s starting to be quite livable for sure. While there is lots of stuff to do, and lots of things to learn where they are, and how they . . . → Read More: Settling In – A Slow Process

A Brief Update

I apologize for not having updated things sooner, but as you can imagine, it’s been VERY crazy around here lately.

Since the last post, we had an offer on our house all through (due to financing) and another one finally go through to final. We’ve had a garage sale to get rid of stuff and . . . → Read More: A Brief Update

Exercises in Trust and Control


Ask my wife. She’ll tell you I have issues with “control”.

I like to be in control. I need to be in control. I don’t do roller coasters or various rides at amusement parks. I have to be in control. I like to do daring things — as long as I’m in control.

I like . . . → Read More: Exercises in Trust and Control