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All’s Peaceful at Home – Sort of!

This morning I woke up early (well, the normal time actually — about 5:00am) and got up and did some work.  Everything was peaceful and quiet.  A morning fog lay across the property.  It was peaceful…


Blue Jay in the trees

Then out in the backyard there was a huge gaffuffle (is that really a word?) and I looked out to find 4 or 5 beautiful blue jays kicking up a royal fuss.

I managed to snap a few pictures of them as they hopped around, fly by, and tried to hide in the trees.  Check them out here.

As as the sun came up and warmed the roof, and the steam rolled off with the promise of a beautiful day… it got peaceful once more.

One Week to Go…

D&JWell, 1 week from today, I will have gained another daughter-in-law!!  My son will have said “I do” and the party will have started.  Are we ready?  Let’s see…


  • Church and reception hall booked
  • Photographer, limo, and DJ all booked
  • Guests invited
  • Seating arranged
  • Showers are done (last one is today)
  • Dresses are bought.  Tuxedos are nearly ready for pickup.
  • Transportation details arranged

Left to do:

  • Produce the photo slideshow for the reception
  • Write my speech
  • Relax

It’s going to be fun week (and I mean that in both a good and scary way <grin>)!


The Past is the Past. Leave it There!

the past

Unless you’ve been living in a hole, been off the planet, or in a coma for the last little while, I’m sure you’ve heard all the hoopla about Josh Duggar and the story of his sexual abusing years ago as a 14 year old. The story hit me hard. I feel sad. I feel angry. . . . → Read More: The Past is the Past. Leave it There!

Animals on Our Property

All winter long we’ve had our bird feeder out on the back porch. Very few birds actually came during the winter, which very much surprised us. Back in Scarborough, the heaviest traffic to the feeder was always in the winter.

But now that the weather is getting better (in fact the last few days were . . . → Read More: Animals on Our Property

The World Has Gone Mad and I’m Sad!


I’m seriously thinking of locking myself in my house in the country, turning off the TV and the Internet and just going into “hermit-mode” until sanity returns. The problem is, I’m not sure if I can live long enough to see things turn around.

Am I depressed? Not clinically, but I’m certainly sad. Sad at . . . → Read More: The World Has Gone Mad and I’m Sad!