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Weddings and Others

I guess about now weddings are on my mind.  It probably stems from the fact that a number of things seem to be surrounding me with wedding hype these days.  First, Jordan and Rachel are getting married next July and so I am back in wedding planning mode — not that I’ve had to do much since they’ve moved up to Thunder Bay, but still, I look back in fondness of the fun that Nancy and I went through over 27 year ago.

Second, every time I turn on the TV, or come home from work, or go to bed, my wife has a wedding show on – “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Say Yes to the Dress, Atlanta”, or even “Four Weddings”. (I notice that they’re even coming up with “Say Yes to the Dress, Big Bliss” or something for “plus sized” brides!  Yikes!!

Third, since Jordan is up North, I’m doing all the wedding at the church that Jordan used to do.  I’ve had three so far since the day he left and each has been different.

Today’s was a lovely Christian wedding between two obviously 2nd generation Asian’s (I especially liked it as it was conducted in English, which is unusual!!).  The pastor preached on 2 Cor 13 and picked out the verse that talks about “love is not self-seeking”.  He talked about how we must be continually praying for our spouse, and continually looking out for their needs.  Of course 2Corinthians was not really intended for weddings and was really intended as a guide for the model of how we should live as Christians, and so I think this applies to all of us.

I’m praying that that will become a model for all my relationships.  I want to be looking for what is best for the other person, not what is best for me.  It’s SO EASY to fall into looking out for Number 1, but I pray that God will help me to put others as #1 instead.

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