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Okay 2011…What You Gonna Bring?

Well, by now, most of you have woken up to the fact that 2011 is upon us.  Some are still on holidays, but most have gotten back into the routine of life again — school, work, church, etc.  2010 was an interesting year for us as a family, to say the least, but through it all, God has been very good (for details, I’m hoping to post our Christmas letters here sometime this week), but I wonder what 2011 will bring.

Here’s a few things that I’m sure will have impact on our family’s life over the coming 12 months…

  1. Our oldest son will complete his teaching certificate and embark on his search for a fulltime career.
  2. He will also get married in July, and so we’ll have another daughter!!
  3. Our third son will hopefully get his G2 drivers license, so we’ll never see the car again.
  4. He will also graduate from Secondary School and start his “post-secondary education” somewhere in some field.
  5. Our second son will enter his final year of university and have to decide on where his career will be heading.
  6. He will also, no doubt, continue to write and produce songs and have a blast doing it.
  7. Our daughter will continue to play sports, sing and just be the wonderful women that she is!
  8. Our family will continue to work with, and pray for, the sick in our midst, whether that be in our immediate family, or in our extended church family.
  9. Things will continue to evolve at the church and in our roles there.
  10. God will continue to be present in our lives.

2010 was a little unsettling for us — too  many changes and stressors — so I’m hoping that it won’t be that way in 2011, but I know that God is in control (even if I have to keep reminding my brain of that fact) and so my prayer for 2011 is that He’ll continue to use me in whatever way he wants to glorify Him and to build His kingdom here on Earth.


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