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The End of Your Rope?

This morning I realized that I’d never picked up yesterday’s mail, so out I went to get it.  My heart nearly stopped when I realized that there was a letter from Brenda in the pile.  It turned out to be a Thank You note for the Christmas gifts etc that we’d exchanged on Dec 25th, however, your mind plays tricks and you worry that it might be a note explaining what she was thinking and where she’d gone.  I seached the note for clues, but nothing.  We’ve heard nothing more from the police or from Brenda.

Then I got to the next couple — two letters from two of our sponsored children.

The one was from Khadiza and we her usual cute letter, but it was the one from Lukas, our child in Tanzania, that had me in tears.  There in letter was written in part (remember he’s 7 years old and has someone help him write it and then it’s translated)…

He says likes the biblical verse from Matthew 5:3.  He asks you to go and read it b’se it’s all about our needness to God our creator. Lord is powerful to satisfy such demands. [sic]

So… dutifully I opened up my iPod Bible software and looked up the verse.  The last version I had been using on it was The Message and there in Jesus own words were…

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.”

“At the end of you rope.”  That describes me perfectly today.  But the second part of the verse, “With less of you there is more of God”, is the only thing sustaining me right now.

God’s perfect timing…  The words of a 7 year old Tanzanian boy, who has nothing but God’s word, writes a letter back on Nov 10th and quotes the scripture I needed to hear today, Jan 13th.

Thank you Father!


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