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Confidence In The Lord

Every Lenten season our church (for the past few years anyway) has put together a series of devotionals written by members of the congregation. Usually I don’t write, but this year another person backed out at the last minute and I was contacted by the coordinator to see if I would write this missing one. Little did I know at the time that the devotional would be “published” on my birthday.

So, in honour of that event, here is the devotional.  If you want, the “original” can be locate here, and if you want to receive daily devotionals for the remainder of Lent, then go to and signup.

By: Murray Lahn

Reading: Jeremiah 17:7-8

As I write this, our family is in a total state of shock. My wife’s sister, who has suffered from depression and anxiety in the past, has gone missing and after 5 days is nowhere to be found. No signs. No leads. No information at all to go on. We are thinking the worst and praying for the best.

Our church is also in an utter state of turmoil. It is the day before the congregation will find out that three of the staff members have either been let go or resigned. There will be fallout. There will be questions. There will be accusations. There will be a split. I can feel it coming.

But scripture tells us “blessed are those who trust in the Lord.” That’s a hard thing to do right now. Why did he spring these two things on us just an hour or less apart? What is he doing? Where is he taking us? What is he trying to tell us? Why has he disrupted our family so profoundly? Why has he disrupted our church family like this? I don’t know the answers right now, and by the time you read this, I doubt we’ll have the answers to all those questions.

But God is in control. I strongly, profoundly and firmly believe that. He has guided his followers for centuries past. He guided our congregation to the place we are now. And he has guided our family all the way to this point.

We have trusted him this far. We have seen the mighty works that he has done in our lives, in our family, in our church, and in the lives of those who have reached out to him. Healings. Conversions. Redemption. Salvation. Grace.

If you haven’t yet, trust him. He is the source of my hope and confidence, and he can be yours too.

Heavenly Father, we put our trust in you this day. Not in our jobs. Not in our understanding. Not in our logic. But in you and you alone. Thank you! Amen.

Nearly three months later, after a funeral and a split, I can still say exactly the same thing… “He is the source of my hope and confidence, and he can be yours too.”

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