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“World Water Day” Today

Did you know that today is “World Water Day”?  I didn’t until I read this post from Compassion…

Water…. it’s a thing we take for granted most of the time.  How many times can you really say you were “dying of thirst”, “I have to have a drink”….. Really?…. I didn’t think so. 🙂

According to the blog post…

  • More than 3.5 million people die each year from water-related disease; 84 percent are children.
  • Nearly all deaths due to unclean water, 98 percent, occur in the developing world.
  • Lack of access to clean water and sanitation kills children at a rate equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every four hours.
  • Lack of sanitation is the world’s biggest cause of infection.
  • Millions of women and children spend several hours each day collecting water from distant, often polluted sources. This is time not spent working at an income-generating job, caring for family members, or attending school.
  • 443 million school days are lost each year due to water-related illness.

Courtesy of Compassion International:

What an incredible set of facts!!

Think about it.  How far are you away, right now, from running water from clean source.  Now think about making a donation today to Compassion, or some other organzation that will help out with supplying water to those who need it. You might just change those stats, just ever so slightly.

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