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And The SpinMasters Go Wild!!

If the weather was calling for wind last night, it sure got it, and that wind is continuing today.

Last night was the English debate for the four politicians who are vying for the covetted title of “Prime Minster of Canada”.  I have to admit, I didn’t watch much of it.  I really don’t like politics much, even though I am a member of the Conservative Party (Oops! I can hear about 1/2 of you tuning out right now!).  But I did hear the assessment on the CBC news last night, as well as on the radio this morning, as well as in the online/print media today, and as well all over Twitter and Facebook.

It amazes me that no matter who you listen to, they all won!  The CBC last night (that bastion of liberal thinking) was actually saying that Harper did a good job of standing up to the attack dogs from the other sides.  They also didn’t care much for Ignatieff’s performance at all.  However, if you listen to the radio this morning (680News), you’d think that the Liberals walked all over Harper!  The Liberals of course say Iggy threw knockout punches, and of course the NDP say that Jack was definitely the best.  The Bloq has come out and said….. (Oh wait! Who cares what they say!).

The only ones that I think win in this whole thing are the SpinMasters — those illustrious people of politics and the media who try to take something that’s black and make you think it’s really white, or at least a very attractive shade of grey.  If these guys get paid by the hour, then today they’re racking up mounds of overtime.

Anyway, in my humble opinion (that’s IMHO for those under 25) it was all of little value.  That’s why I did my Kinect Fitness and then watched Pawn Stars and Canadian Pickers instead!  It was about the only thing on that wasn’t talking politics!! 

And just think… tonight they do it over again in French.  At least this time I won’t be expected to understand them!


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