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Where do I begin?

It’s been way too long since I last posted.  It’s not that there’s been nothing to talk about, nor has it been that I had too much to do to find the time to write up something.  Certainly the opposite is likely more true.  There’s been SO MUCH to talk about, and lots of time to think about it.  The problem is, I haven’t been exactly sure HOW to say it without giving away too much information, saying something I’d regret, or offending anyone who might read.  Anyway, the straw has broken the camel’s back and I need to write something… anything… to relieve the stress.

First the good news…

  • The concert we had at the church a couple weeks ago (see my last post) was a huge success!  The bands (To Tell, and Every Spare Second) were terrific!  The logistics all worked out (except that the third band cancelled the night before and so we had to come up with “filler” to stretch the night out), and the best part is that we raised around $1500 for Compassion Canada for water wells in Ghana and Ethiopia.  I was really proud of Every Spare Second.  For their first “gig” they were fantastic.  Even the guys in To Tell thought so!!
  • I hear of a girl in our congregation who is engaged to be married in September to a wonderful man who went through our Alpha program, and I couldn’t be happier for them!!  They are a wonderful couple and I can only wish blessings upon them.
  • And Jordan came home on Satuday from Thunder Bay.  That means the reality of his wedding is getting just that much closer (only forty days from today!!)

Now the bad news…

  • I feel like I’m watching our church implode, and it grieves me SO MUCH!  The service on Sunday was great.  The message, the Praise, the people all our great!  But afterwards I hear of problems.  I hear of financial woes.  I hear of conflict.  I hear of stupid rules that make no sense.  I watch people leave and I’m saddened.  I hear rumours.  I hear stories.  My heart is heavy.

The Really Good News!!!…

No matter what’s going on, God is in control!!  I wish I knew what He was up to, but I just KNOW that He’s directing the traffic and shaping our lives, and the lives of those around us.  Sometimes it looks like things are out of control, but God’s got it all in control, and the ending will be wonderful!!!


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