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Next Phase….

It’s over….

Well, not really….  In actuality it’s really just begun.

Saturday was a celebration to end all celebrations as our oldest son, Jordan, was married to his new bride, Rachel, and now, while the ceremony and reception are over, the fun of their new lives together has just begun.

For us back home, all the planning and preparation is over, and the balloons and streamers have been taken down – well, actually we still have some in our house still up from the rehearsal party 😉

Now comes the remembering part.  The photos and videos are pouring in on Facebook and elsewhere.  WE only took about 1000 pictures (quite literally between myself, my wife and our son’s girlfriend), so there’s not much to look at. 😉

Anyway, I know I said thanks on Saturday to a lot of you, but I also know that I missed a large number of you, so I want to thank you again, for the love and joy you’ve showered on Jordan and Rachel, and indeed our WHOLE family over the years.  It is so wonderful to know that behind every couple (well certainly behind this one anyway), there are a whole load of family and friends who are there to help you through the speed bumps and storms that are certain to come.

I truly wish we could have invited ALL our friends, but space (and money) didn’t allow that.  We are SO glad that so many of you came out to witness the marriage of Jordan and Rachel and to offer your wishes.  The day was perfect, and your presence there made it all the more special.

The only hitch to the day was the traffic for those people coming from the London area.  The 401 was such a mess on Saturday, that we had to delay the wedding 1/2 hour while our family made there way.  It took them nearly 4 hours to come from London, rather than the usual 2!!!

But, it was a great day.  The weather was perfect; the meal, wonderful; the dance, fun; the ceremony, moving; and the excitement level, high.

Thanks again for being part of “the bid day”.


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