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Weddings and Friends

What a great day yesterday! We were invited to a wedding of two very special people that we known and loved for years.  The bride in fact used to babysit our kids when they were younger along with her sisters.  The groom we met a few years ago and he’s been part of our Alpha group.  Together, I think they make a great match, and we pray that God will bless them as they set out in their married life together.

What a party it was.  The bride was of Indian background, and the groom’s background was Sikh.  Although they are both Christian now, the wedding celebration/reception was a mixture of those traditions and one heck of a party!  We had a blast!!

It was also great to see many old friends.  Over the years, many people have come and gone through our old church, and it was a great chance to get together last night to greet them once again.  With most of them, it was like picking up just where we’d left off and to catch up on the news.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until the NEXT wedding in order to catch up again!


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