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The Death Of Gratitude

Today, I ran across a great article by Pete Wilson, who is the pastor of Cross Point Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee.  Pete posted a great blog entitled “The Death of Gratitude” in which he quotes Steven Furtick who is the founder and lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina…

“You can’t be grateful for something you feel entitled to.”

It’s a great article that reminds us (especially as the media is reminding us this week that it’s coming up to American Thanksgiving) that we need to be grateful for all the things that we have, not wishing for all the things we don’t.

I can’t help but think about this in light of the “Occupy” protests and news surrounding the Washington Super-Committee’s failure to cut back on anything.

But I need to remember that it applies to *ME* as well.

To quote again from Pete’s blog post…

Everything I have is the result of the goodness of God.

My relationships are not owed to me.
My job is not owed to me.
This very day is not owed to me.
My next breath is not owed to me.

It’s all a gift. All of it

Think about it…. and be grateful!!


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