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Getting Closer

Of course some of you think the title refers to Christmas, don’t you.  Well, it is, but it isn’t.  What I’m really referring to in this post is our search for a new church.

After looking at numerous churches over the fall, I think our family has narrowed the choices down somewhat.  I think we’re now down to either Summit Community Church, or The Bridge.  Our plan now is to check them each out for a few Sundays and see where we think we would best fit and and where God wants us to be (we’ve only been to each one once so far).

It’s been a very interesting process.  We’ve been to churches that we’ve been real impressed with in terms of their Sunday services (format, sermons, etc), but have found their doctrines not what we’ve been hoping for.  We’ve seen others that are doctrinally sound, but seemed quite dead, or unfriendly.  We’ve seen others that sit in the middle, but didn’t impress us enough to want to go back.

We’ll see where we end up, but it’s been an interesting journey and God has been teaching us many things in the process.  It’s also left us more free to decide when and where to go on any given Sunday which in and of itself has been very refreshing (for instance we were able to go to a church we wouldn’t normally have chosen, except that two of our daughters friends were being baptised and it was great to be able to share in that experience).

Anyway, we’re off to one church this week, and another on Christmas Eve and then back to the other on Christmas Day.  We’ll see where God leads us after that 🙂


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