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13 Measures of a Very Healthy Church

I was reading through a blog tonight (Christianity 201) by a friend of mine, and in a post the other day (Church Year in Review) he quoted from a blog by a pastor in Ohio. In the blog entry, entitled “Some Vital Statistics for 2011” he linked to his church’s “13 Measures of a Healthy Church”. The 13 measures are as follows…

  1. People are coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. Our missions program is expanding locally, nationally and globally.
  3. People are making public professions of faith through baptism.
  4. Attendance in worship services is increasing.
  5. The worship experience is vibrant, enthusiastic and intergenerational.
  6. There is broad participation in serving throughout the ministries.
  7. New ministries are beginning as God imparts vision.
  8. Guests are being connected to church life.
  9. Covenant membership is increasing.
  10. Our budgetary needs are being met.
  11. Leaders are being developed and placed in ministry roles.
  12. Scripture is central to our message.
  13. Staff relationships are healthy.

I’m not big on the numbers game, but I think this list sums up a heathy church in my mind at least!

Our new church’s Annual Business Meeting is coming up on Saturday, March 3rd. We haven’t been a part of the church long enough to know HOW they are doing on every one of these points, but it will be interesting to sit in on the meeting and see how things stack up.

In the meantime, we pray that ALL churches will grow along some, if not all of those points.

Your thoughts?


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