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End of an Era

HomeAs some of you know, in October we moved Nancy’s Mom from London to Toronto, and just over a week ago we moved her into a retirement home just around the corner from us.

This week my mother-in-law’s home went up for sale in London, Ontario.  My parents home went up for sale on that same street six years ago.  My parents had lived on that street for over 50 years, and my wife’s for 48 years.  Between them around 100 years of history on that street.

But shortly that history will end.  Someone will buy that house and turn it into their home, just like someone bought my parents home and turned it into their home (or in that case they turned it into a dump, but that’s another story).

It’s a weird feeling to know that after the house sells there will be no reason for us to go back to that street again.  We still have family (both of us) in London and friends are still there, but there will be no reason to go back to that street.

While it’s still listed, here’s the listing…

How life changes.  🙁



  1. Dawn Martens

    Murray — I was thinking about how difficult that must be for all of you. I have so many happy memories of Baker Street and that house! I feel like I am losing a friend. I’m praying that a family that really cherishes it will move in and love it for the beautiful place it is!

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