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Settling In – A Slow Process

Well, it’s been just over a week since the movers left.  Probably 70% of the boxes are unpacked now.  Stuff is still scattered around the house, but it’s starting to be quite livable for sure.  While there is lots of stuff to do, and lots of things to learn where they are, and how they work, it’s amazing how quickly this is starting to feel like home.

There are so many “fun” things that you discover after you move into a new house (as we’re finding).  Things like “where do we put this furniture?” and “where did that box go?” and only the start.  For us it’s been things like “how do we turn the air conditioning on?” and “where are the outdoor tap shutoffs?” (we have a LOT of those here!) and “why are there no overhead lights n this place?” and “why are so many plugs here controlled by a switch?”.

The other “fun” thing at the moment is trying to work out the daily routines — carpooling, meal schedules, shopping, yard maintenance, etc.

My wife has been A M A Z I N G !!!  This total disruption has been quite tough on everyone (but fun at the same time) but through all this, Nancy has worked tirelessly to get things as settled as she can, as quickly as she can, while at the same time still making meals, doing laundry (while learning the ins and outs of the new appliances) and making lunches each day when we all run off.

We are constantly amazed at how God has brought us to this place at this time in our lives.  We are certainly hoping (and praying) that we will be able to make this place a blessing to our friends and neighbours in God’s name.

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