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A New Website Link –

Warning: Proud Dad moment ahead…

So I have this incredibly talented and creative son, Daniel (actually I have 3 incredibly talented sons + 1 incredibly talented daughter + 3 incredibly talented daughters-in-law, but this is about Daniel).

Daniel graduated in the Spring from Ryerson University in Toronto with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree in Film Studies.  In his words…

Not only does that give me the legal and professional right to watch black and white cinema with a glass of red wine (in a tailored suit, this is a FINE art degree we’re talking about), it also means I’ve got plenty of experience writing and editing short films.

He’s just opened up his own website,, which I hope you’ll go peruse.  It’s just a shell right now, but when you combine with his former JohnnyAndLandie site (now moved to here) you can see just how talented he is.

Check them out!

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