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We’re Gonna Be Grandparents…. Again!!

So, remember how a yesterday we announced that Tim and Rachel were expecting a baby on October 28th?  We’ve been holding it in even longer, but we found out the SAME DAY that Jordan and Rachel are expecting a baby on November 27th!!

That’s right!  We’re going to be grandparents twice within a month (if everyone’s on time)!!

We celebrated Mother’s Day a week early, and had to have it at Tim and Rachel’s in Barrie, as we didn’t have power that weekend.  After dinner, Jordan announced that before dessert we were going to play a new game that he’d backed on Kickstarter that was to be released in November (but he had a pre-release copy).  He had cards that he was going to hand out that had character names on them.  Some were the bearers of a secret, other were trying to determine the secret, and others were trying to prevent you from finding out the secret.  He dealt them out and then told us to all look at our characters.

I looked at mine and it had my Dad’s name on it.  My thought was, “Cool!  A personalized game!  This should be fun.”  Nancy did the same, and thought, “Oh that’s nice.  It has Murray’s Mom’s name on it.  I wonder how this is going to play out?”

BUT… there was starting to be excitement from across the table where Bethany and Ty, and Daniel and Jessa were sitting.  It wasn’t until Bethany flipped her card onto the table and I saw that it read “Aunt Bethany” that my card wasn’t referring to my Dad, but it was referring to ME!  “Grandpa Lahn”!!

Seconds later (actually quite a few seconds later), Nancy came to the same realization.  “Grandma Lahn” was her.  There were screams and hugs and much merriment for the next little while. 

It turned out, Jordan and Rachel are expecting a little sprout in late November.  The ‘game’ was going to be released on November 27th!!

(Tim and Rachel surprised us right after, but that’s a story for another post, that was supposed to be a prior post, that got split into two posts, but will get posted next, but that’s a LONG story.)

Anyway, we are overjoyed at the prospect of Jordan and Rachel’s news (and ecstatic we can finally talk about it!) and are praying that all will go well for them too!

God is SO, SO, SO, SO good indeed!!!

Grandpa Lahn, a 2nd time

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  1. Rita

    WOW, this is a big year for you guys with a wedding next month and not one but two grandchildren on the way !!!! Congratulations to the entire Lahn family, so happy for you all!

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