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Pregnancy Care Centre, Toronto

This morning my wife, Nancy, and I went to a Pregnancy Care Centre Donor Appreciation Brunch. What a wonderful morning, not just because of the food (which in my case always makes an event a winner!), but because of the wonderful testimonies that were given by the volunteers and former clients.

The Pregnancy Care Centre operates in two locations here in Toronto and provides emotional, spiritual and material support to women who find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy. From pre-natal care and counselling to adoption referrals to post-abortion counselling the PCC operates to help these women in a non-judgemental, compassionate way.

This morning was a time for the donors and sponsoring churches to get together and celebrate the over 25 years of serving.  We heard from some of the volunteers and staff about the great work that’s being done, but the most wonderful times were listening to the former and current clients talk about what it was like to have an unplanned pregnancy and what the PCC did for them and what that act of kindness meant to them.

The director of the PCC spoke about HOPE, and how this is probably the main thing that they can provide to their clients.  The clients talked about how when they found out they were pregnant that they lost all hope, but the PCC came along beside them and supported them through their pregnancy, their delivery and even beyond.  One couple (who now volunteer with the PCC) even talked about their abortion experience and how the PCC came along beside them afterwards and supported them through their guilt and anger.

God is a great god, and I have to thank him daily for the many things he’s blessed our family with.  I know that He has his hand in every one of the lives of the women that come as clients and wants to show them His love.  It’s through the Volunteers and Staff of the Pregnancy Care Centre (of which my wife is one of the volunteers teaching prenatal and nursing care to the women) that these women, sometimes for the first time, experience that love.

There’s lots of good causes out there to support, but I, for one, think this truly deserves support.  I’ve seen the work they do, and I’ve seen the results in the women who spoke this morning.  If you want to help out, I know they’d appreciate it and be forever grateful.  And IF you find yourself, or someone you know and love, in the situation of an unplanned pregnancy, know that God (and the PCC) are there for you.  Don’t hesitate to call them.

Thanks for “listening”.

Murray Lahn

PS. For the Pregnancy Care Centre’s website click here, and if you wish to donate online, you can do so through this page.

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