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A Summer of Change

Well, the summer is more than half over and it has certainly been quite a ride.  Things have been moving quickly for sure around our place and in our lives and I’ve just been so busy that it’s been hard to find the time to blog here for a while, but I’m going to try to do more in the next few weeks now that things are “settling down” (not sure that’s true, but it sounds hopeful anyway).

So far this summer we’ve been through…

  • Jordan and Rachel getting married, and all the whirlwind of activity leading up to that
  • We’ve been up to the cottage three times (once to get it opened up and ready for the honeymooners, once for a weeks holiday, and last weekend to relax with my brother and niece)
  • We’ve been to Kingdom Bound for our 11th year of concerts, speakers and rides

And somewhere in there we’ve managed to fit in work and all the other things that constitute “normal” life.

In the rest of the world things have been shaken up as well.  Currently we’re watching:

  • riots in England
  • financial markets bouncing around
  • politicians making fools of themselves

It’s been quite the ride, and I know it’s not over yet.

However…. Whether we know it or not, God is in control.  It may not seem like it, and it may not be the way he originally planned it, but we can rest assured that no matter what happens God has a plan for our lives and this roller coaster we’re on is all running on a path that he already knows about.  The ending is great.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride 🙂


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