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More Compassion Kids!!

Yes, we are suckers for these kids, that’s for sure.  But how could you NOT be when you see their pictures and hear their stories and hear the testimonies of those that have been sponsored!!

This year at Kingdom Bound they had a series of “kids”, who are now grown up and graduating from University soon. Each of these kids had started off their lives in complete hopelessness and poverty in their countries (these ones happened to be from Kenya, but they could have been from anywhere — the stories are all similar).  They lived in tiny homes (if any at all) and mostly had no idea where their next meal was coming from.

But through the generosity of someone sponsoring them through Compassion, their lives were turned around and they received the attention and nurturing they needed.  Most importantly, they received Christ!

Standing on the stage you could here talk about the before and after picture and you just knew that they wouldn’t have been the same without the work of Compassion.
So this year we once again sponsponsed an adorable little girl from Indonesia.  Her full name is “Inggrid Ana Tasya Lumban Toruan” but appears to go by Tasya.  Her birthday is the same as our daughter, Bethany, so Bethany is going to adopt her as her child.

Daniel also caught the bug this year as well, and has sponsored a little guy from Guatemala by the name of “Adonias Isaac Lopez Reyes”.

So that brings our total to 8 kids, and the family total to 12, I think.

Have you thought about sponsoring a child ever?  You should!!  Check it out at either for those in Canada, or for those in the USA.


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