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YouVersion – Rare Opportunity to Download NIV & NLT This Weekend

I got this email this morning from the folks at YouVersion – a Bible software system for your iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry.

Some users recently lost earlier offline Bible versions they had downloaded to their mobile device* when they updated the Bible App. To help these users out, Biblica, Zondervan, and Tyndale—publishers of the NIV (New International Version) and NLT (New Living Translation)—graciously agreed to allow YouVersion to provide a 48-hour window during which they could download these versions again.

Please mark your calendar, and don’t miss this opportunity!

Sunday, October 30, 12:00 AM Central Time U.S. (GMT -5) to
Monday, October 31, 11:59 PM Central Time U.S. (GMT -5)

A big thank you goes out to these YouVersion partners for making these versions available for download again. And it’s not likely that YouVersion will be able to offer these versions in this way again anytime soon, so if you’ve ever wanted to download either one, this may be your only chance.

Also, just so you know: Several other Bible publishers generously offer their versions for free to the YouVersion community for download—all the time. Check the list of available versions on your device right now to see which ones you want to download!

Click the link for your device below for detailed instructions on how to download free versions:

*What does downloading mean? Many versions in the Bible App are available for you to store directly on your mobile device. When you download a version, you can read it literally anytime, anyplace—even when you can’t connect to your service provider or to the Internet.

Thank you,
The YouVersion Team

YouVersion is a great piece of software!  We were even at a church last Sunday where the congregation was encouraged to follow the sermon notes on their mobile devices using links in YouVersion!!

If you haven’t checked it out, then you should!  Especially this weekend!!!

And now we return you to our regular programming 🙂


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