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Transitions – I Don’t Like Change

I used to think that I was okay with change; that staying in the same place in life would be boring.  It partly the reason I became a consultant – so I didn’t have to stay working in one spot for a long time and get involved in the politics.  While I think that’s still true, I really am tired of all the changes this year in my life and I’m not really sure I like it much.

So far this year (and I’m sure there are more than this, but these are just the “highlights”)..

  • change in church staffing
  • looking for a new church
  • loss of a sister-in-law
  • cancer
  • marriage of our first son (now that one wasn’t necessarily bad at all, just a change)
  • changes at work
  • changes in roles at the cottage
  • all the trees on our street being torn down due to disease

And now we’re dealing with my father-in-law’s declining health. Over the last couple weeks he’s really gone down hill.  The cancer and the treatments are really taking a toll on him and now he has something that’s causing his temperature to fluctuate and his energy level to just be non-existant.

In this case especially, I don’t like change.


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