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Weekend Flurry

Well, it was colder this weekend, but by “Flurry” I don’t mean snow.  I don’t mean the Dairy Queen variety (although that would be good right now).  I mean the hustle and bustle of this past weekend — a great weekend in most ways, but tiring.

Saturday was dominated by a road trip to Woodstock (Ontario, not New York) to help a friend find a place to stay during his upcoming continuing education.  Most of the places were quite nice and usable, but proximity and bus service will play a large part in his eventual decision.  One lady who was offering a room was very interesting to say the least.  We’ll call her “Lady #4”.

This lady had absolutely no interpersonal skills whatsoever. Demanding (not asking) that we remove our shoes.  Demanding that we read the 15 posted rules as we entered.  Making us sit for an ‘interview’ before seeing the room.  All the while she puffed away on a cigarette like a chimney.  Since I wasn’t actually the one renting the room, she wouldn’t even LET me look at the room.  We couldn’t get out of there soon enough!!!

The other rooms were all nice and the people very friendly and seemed like they would make great landlord/landladies.

Saturday night however, just as we were leaving the restaraunt and planning to head back to Toronto, I managed to get distracted while driving out of the driveway and hit a curb a little too hard.  I managed to pop the tire, destroy the rim, destroy the hubcap, and this morning my mechanic tells me I did damage the wheel bearing and damage the tie-rod as well.  I can hardly wait for the bill for THAT little boo-boo!!

Sunday, we went to a church in a movie theatre.  I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised!  I thought the band could have been better, but singing in a space that was designed to be sound dampening (the theatre) has to be challenging.  The message was wonderful, although not necessarily a message for non-believers (it wasn’t designed as such) I found it very informative and challenging as a Christian and forced me to take a look at what *I* believe.

Then in the afternoon we went to the zoo.  Not having been there for a number of years (we used to go all the time when the kids were smaller) it was good to see all the animals up close again.  It was cold outside, but the buildings were warm, and we had a great day.

This morning was SO hard to get up!  The fall weather is in the air this weekend (a huge change from last weekend!).  Let’s see what this week brings.



  1. Paul Wilkinson

    We did it with two tires and two rims the second last week of August after dropping Kid Two off at camp. We hit a giant depression at the side of the road, that can’t be called a pothole because the whole side of the road was missing in that spot.

    When picking Kid Two up, we took pictures and the township eventually accepted responsibility and paid for our replacement parts which we had obtained from a wrecker when it looked like we were bearing all the costs ourselves.

    The towing, were it not for an “angel” with a CAA-Plus card, would have been around $510 + HST. We had to be towed home because everything there — and in Kingston — shuts down around 4:30 on Saturday afternoons.

    …I can’t wait for the “director’s cut” of your blog so I can find out where all the different churches are you visited, though I can live without the identity of “Lady #4.”

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