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Compassion in the Philippines

This week marks the start of a new series, that as far as I know, is only running on the Intenet.  It’s called “Missions in Action“.  This series is hosted by Alex Boylan who in 2002 won “The Amazing Race”.  From their website, their Mission Statement is…

Through our award winning storytelling, access to people and places rarely seen, and key sponsors and partners, we plan to educate, inspire, and enable people to make a difference by taking action to help others around the world.

The first episode went online this week and it highlights some of the work that Compassion (Canada and International) is doing in the Philippines in a project just outside of Manilla.  You can watch the video below.


We used to have a sponsored child with Compassion in the Philippines.  I don’t recall which project she was in (it wasn’t this one, I’m pretty sure), but my heart was broken when I saw the living conditions that these kids live in.  And to think that for less than the cost of one Tim Horton’s Large Coffee (just plain coffee!) can help these kids out.

This is an amazing story of how “the other half” lives.  I know seeing stuff like this touches me every time I see it.  This Christmas, we need to think more about what these people DON’T have and less about what we think we want.

Want to hear more about what Compassion is doing?  Then be sure to check out the Compassion sites themselves, or check out what the Compassion Bloggers have found as they take trips around the world.


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