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Banning Balls at School. Really?

I was flipping around the Internet this morning reading the news, when this jumped out and hit me… “Toronto school bans ‘hard balls’” on the CTV website.  The article reads in part…

Citing safety concerns, an east-end Toronto school is banning students from playing with soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs or tennis balls in the schoolyard.

A letter issued on Monday, stated that students at Earl Beatty Jr. and Sr. Public School are not allowed to bring or play with any kind of hard ball.

“Any balls brought will be confiscated and may be retrieved by parents from the office,” the statement said. “The only kind of ball allowed will be nerf balls or sponge balls.”

I scarely know what to say!

As people on Facebook have noted…

But what about paper cuts? … The horror, the horror … BAN PAPER FROM THIS SCHOOL (since apparently it has more than its fair share of paper-pushers … )

… and…

And they are saying our kids are not getting enough exercise. Right – let’s throw them out in the playground and let them stand around and do nothing. Oh wait, they can play tag – can’t they?? What’s next – banning skipping ropes and marbles? Will that follow the paper and the asphalt ban? How on God’s green earth did I and my (now adult) boys survive?

We have become so scared of anyone getting hurt, or suing us, or worse yet, hurting our feelings, that we’ve become a society of sissys!!!

Let’s see… I get up in the morning and shave (might cut myself, or get a shock from that electric razor), I eat breakfast (might drop the milk jug on my foot, or choke on the raisins in my flakes, or drop the butter and slip on it and crack my head), and get dressed (might strangle myself with my tie (which those who know me know that I DON’T wear one for this exact reason!)).

I then get into my car (watch I don’t slam the door on my finger), and drive to work (heaven’s there’s WAY too many dangers along that route), pull out my laptop (might strain myself carrying it, electrocute myself as I plug it in, or get Carpel-Tunnel from the repetitive movements) and do some work (wait, this puts stress on my brain and might give me a headache).

My desk might cause me back or neck problems.  My pen might get lodged in my ear as I fall over in during my mandatory nap so I don’t overstress.  I might burn myself on my Timmys.  I might choke on it too!  I might have an allergic reaction to the sandwich that my colleague brings to work. I might feel left out that his food is better than mine.  I might die of hunger because I’m too afraid to eat.  I might have to stay at work forever because I’m afraid to get back into my car.  I’m afraid to use my iPod as the volume might end up too loud and hurt my ears.  I’m afraid to breathe as there are chemicals in the air.  I’m afraid, I might keep typing this blog forever!!

Now back to work, and back to reality.

Have a wonderful day!  I know I will.  I’m not worrying about all this junk, that’s for sure.


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