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Life Returns to “Normal”

Well, even though my holidays officially were over last weekend, this week things return back to “normal”.  We’ve wished Jordan and Rachel a fond farewell as they head back to Thunder Bay and we just dropped our niece off at the train station for her trek back to Woodstock.  School starts tomorrow for all our kids as well as all the “normal”, busy activities of our life (whatever “normal” is).

However, this will be a hard week as well.  Tomorrow, Nancy is heading down to be with her Mom and Dad as her Dad goes in for more surgery.  It appears that the cancer has spread into the lymph nodes under his left arm (and possibly the right as well) and so on Tuesday they are going to do day surgery to remove what they can, and I assume that will be followed by more radiation and/or chemo.

Nancy will stay over a few day as her Dad recuperates, but it will also be a great time for them to be together as Wednesday marks the 1 year anniversary of Nancy’s sister, Brenda’s passing away.  What an odd year this has been, and it some ways seems like an eternity, but in others, seems like just a few short weeks.  Barely a day goes by when we don’t think about Brenda in some way and how things would have been different if she’d still been around.

It will be a tough week, I’m sure, but God is there.  The sermon this morning was a great reminder to us of that.  The pastor’s four points were:

  1. You must let go of your worries.
  2. You must let go of your wounds.
  3. You must let go of your wrongs.
  4. You must let go of your regrets.

Seemed like it was tailored just for us this morning. 🙂

Thanks for your prayers this week.


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