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Child Sponsorship? What’s that about?

Okay, if you’ve followed my blog for any period of time you know that I’m passionate about Compassion and child sponsorship, but if you’re new to this whole concept, maybe you don’t know what sponsorship is all about.  Well, tonight’s your lucky night.  I’m going to tell you 🙂

Let’s say you’re a child growing up in poverty somewhere in the world.  Maybe you’re living with your parents, but they just don’t make enough money at the jobs they have to get you and your family out of this poverty.  Maybe one of your parents has died, or had to move away.  Maybe you have to live with an aunt because both your parents are gone.

But, a church nearby where you live announces that they have partnered with Compassion and because of this partnership, you can receive benefits that were never before available to you, if you register in the program.

If you register, you will have access to benefits like:

  • educational opportunities
  • health care and health-related instruction
  • nutrition – instruction and food!
  • life-skills training

And opportunities to hear about and respond to the gospel.

It’s all very exciting, so your parent or caregiver, takes you and registers you at the local church. The church volunteers gather information about you and your family and take your picture. You’re officially registered!

You now have all the financial benefits of this program but there’s more! You are going to be connected to one sponsor. You just have to wait for someone to sponsor you.

Some kids get sponsored quickly, but for some children, they wait and wait and wait…

Click on this link here, take look, and then flip back.  Did you see all those kids!  At the time of me writing there are 530 kids who have been waiting FAR too long for sponsors.  And that’s just the ones that are administered by Compassion International!  If you click here, you’ll see a batch that are administered by Compassion Canada that have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

And you know who they’re waiting for?  YOU!!!

That’s right.  I said, “YOU”.

You’ve been thinking about it, haven’t you?  You’ve been waiting for a nudge.  THIS IS IT!  How can you resist those faces???

Sponsor one of these kids that have been waiting, tonight!!  Don’t make them wait any longer 🙂


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