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Six Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring a Child

By now, most of you know (unless of course, you’re new to my blog), that we sponsor a LOT of kids around the world.  Most of these kids are sponsored through Compassion Canada (since we’re Canadians :)), but our family has in the past, and does currently have kids through other organizations as well.  We like Compassion the best however for a number of reasons.  Your reasons might be different than ours, and you may decide that Compassion isn’t for you.  That’s okay with me as long as you’re aware of why you made that choice.

Compassion International today posted a blog (here) entitled “Six Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring a Child” that asks the following questions:

  1. Who implements the program?
  2. Who most directly benefits from the program and from my donation?
  3. How often does the child participate in the program?
  4. What program does the child experience?
  5. What if the child has unique needs?
  6. What is the role of the sponsor?

These are all great questions to ask of ANY child sponsorship organization.  Take a read over Compassion’s answers and them compare them with the other organizations that you’re considering.

Let me know what you think.


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