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“The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!!”

Just when summer arrives full force, and you want to be outside you learn that it’s not safe to go outside.  I’m not talking about those menacing UV rays that will give you cancer, I’m talking about falling objects!!!

If you go downtown in Toronto this past week you could have been possibly exposed to falling chunks of concrete from the aging Gardiner Expressway, or falling windows from the downtown skyscrapers.  If you were driving down the road, you might get hit with a flying tire.

So you think, “I’m going to stand out in the open – nowhere near buildings or highways or overpasses” and you end up nearly getting killed when parts of a plane fall from the sky!!!

What the heck is going on!!!

That’s it.  I’m hiding under my desk, or better yet, going back to bed!!


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  1. AllanVS

    You may want to take a nap in the basement Murray, your bed is quite close to that falling debris … at least in the basement, you’ve got several tons of material to stop the falling debris. 😀 (and possibly crush you…)

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