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Birthday Parties and Great Kids

Saturday was CRAZY at our house.  Our youngest, celebrated her 16th Birthday (even though it’s not until this coming Friday) with about 18 or her friends from school and church.  They celebrated with a water balloon fight (over 500 balloons!), a hose fight (only one hose), and eventually a coconut cream pie in the face for the Birthday Girl.  With all the hooting and hollering that was going on you’d have thought there were 50 kids out there!!!

But when the “fight” was over (no one was a ‘victor’ in this war!), without even us saying anything, they all started to go around and pickup the million little pieces of green and yellow balloons that littered the driveway, the road, and the lawn.  The neighbours (and us as parents) stood in amazement as the war-zone was retransformed into our quiet little neighbourhood once more.

Then it was off to the water park to get even wetter with more hooting and hollering (which we could hear from nearly 2 blocks away).

When they returned, we cooked burgers and sausages and they all camped out on blankets in the backyard.  And when the meal was over and they headed back inside for cake and presents, every cup, fork, plate and blanket was cleaned up and neatly piled either IN the dishwasher or on the counter.

I can’t say enough good things about these kids.  They are all crazy.  They are all “normal” teens in every way.  But they all were so great at helping out, cleaning up, and saying “thank you” that it would put most adults to shame.

I’m proud of all my kids.  They’ve all got great friends.  They’re all hard workers.  They’re all responsible adults now.  I love them all!!!

God bless you kids!!  All of you!!  Have a great summer!!!  You deserve it!!!


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