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Life in the Big City

(This post was actually written yesterday, but I had no Internet access to post it :))

After two weeks of hustle and bustle in “the big city” it’s so wonderful just to get away and enjoy the natural beauty that God has provided to us.

So often, when we’re in the city, in the middle of our ‘everyday’ life, we miss the things around us.  We’re “plugged in” to our iPods and iPhones and the Internet, that we miss the people around us.  We miss the beauty that exists – yes, even in downtown Toronto.  We’re so caught up in the running to and fro that we don’t have time (or desire) to talk to our neighbours.  We don’t have time to sit and enjoy what God has provided.

But up here, everything seems different.

Here, I want to get up early – to sit on the deck; to watch the hummingbird come to the feeder to gather ‘nectar’ that we’ve set our for her; to watch the loon float lazily by and then disappear under the water, only to re-emerge many metres down the lake; to watch the red squirrel gathering leaves for her nest; to watch the boats, and the skiers, and the canoers, and fishermen; to sit with a cup of coffee and read through the scriptures; to meditate and pray; to listen.

This morning, as I read through my email on my Blackberry (yes, I can’t get totally away from technology) and read the latest news from the Olympics, I am reminded of Paul’s admonition to “run the race”.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t want us to “run the rat-race” 🙂  But even there, we are to it as if doing it for the Lord himself.

So here I sit.  Recharging my batteries.  Enjoying the rest that God has given blessed me with.  Enjoying the beauty around me, and anticipating the doing of God’s work ahead of me in the coming weeks.


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