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Change Is Inevitable, But Nothing Is Wasted

I used to get upset at change, and in some ways I still do.  But I see change happening all around now in my life and the life of others and now I look for God’s hand and plan in it.

This weekend we bid farewell to one of the pastors at our church.  Now we’ve only been at this church for just over a year, but amazing the friendship we’ve built up with this pastor over that short period of time.  It’s a change for us, but an even greater change for the church body, and a *huge* change for his family, where he *and* his wife used to be on staff together (she’d left just before we arrived).

We’ve also been going through personal changes with my mother-in-law.  Following the death of her husband of 66 years, she came to live with us when her health started to decline.  That introduced changes in the family and in our house over the past 4 months.  Now we are close selling her home in London, and moving her into a retirement facility (a wonderful one, that I’d already love to put my name in for as spot!!) here in Toronto, and so we’re looking at more change.

But we can see God’s hand in all these changes.  God’s timing is perfect.  I know that.  I believe that.  I trust that.

Not all change is for good.  Not all change is initiated by God.  But we cling to the words of scripture in Romans 8:28….

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28 NIV)

It’s not that God *causes* all things, but that He works *in* all things.

God has his hand in all this.  I know he has a plan for our former pastor.  I know He has a plan for our church.  I know He has a plan for us.  I know he has a plan for my mother-in-law.

We sang a song this morning in church — Nothing Is Wasted, by Elevation Worship.  The words are so appropriate right now…

You know my every need
You see my poverty
You are enough for me, Jesus
You gave the blind their sight
You raised the dead to life
You’ve done the same for me, Jesus

Your word inside of me
My strength, my everything
My hope will always be Jesus
Your breath inside my lungs
You’re worthy of my trust
You will forever be Jesus

You are loving, You are wise
There is nothing in my life You cannot revive
You are loving, You are wise
There is nothing too hard for our God

Nothing is wasted
You work all things for good
Nothing is wasted
Your promise remains
Forever You reign



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