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People Watching

crowd-of-peopleI admit it.  I love to people watch.

I love to watch people as they go about their everyday business.  I love to watch people as they are on the subway and bus, walking around the mall, shopping, at amusement parks, almost anywhere.

Have you ever stopped, looked up from your phone or other electronic device, and just watched people?  You see all different kinds of people – fat, skinny, short, tall, old, young, happy, sad, energetic, frail, beautiful, and not so beautiful, black, white and everything in between, some married, some single, some used to be married, some never will.  Genesis tells us that they were all made in God’s image.  God must have a wonderful sense of humour 🙂

I love watching, and imagining what they are thinking; where they are coming from and where they are going; what they’ve been doing and what they are going to do; where do they live; *how* do they live; do they have a faith; what *do* they believe?

On the subway, some sleep; some stare off into the crowds; some read; some play games on their phones; some are dressed in suits and ties; some look like the only clothes they own are the ones on their back; some hurry; some walk casually like they have no place specific to go; some walk like they have some place to go, but they’d rather not go there.

In the summer, when we go to a major amusement park for a few days, I watch families; I watch teens interact with their friends; I watch couples; I watch little kids; I watch their eyes;  I watch their walk;  I watch their expressions; I watch.

I don’t know who 99.999% of them are.  But God does.  God made each and every one of them, whether they know it or not.  He knows them by name.  He knows home many hairs are on their head (or used to be there).  He knows their dreams.  He knows their desires.  He knows their past.  He knows their future.  He knows their sins.  And yet He loves them all.

Next time you are in a crowd take a look around at the people around you.  You may not know them, but remember, God does.  And we should remember to pray for them.  It makes the trip (for you and them) much more fun. 😉


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  1. Kenneth Woodhouse

    What I see when I watch people is that nobody is really aware of where they are! Everybody has a gadget to engage themselves with (ulnike you Murray lol).We’re always being transported to some other place outside of where we are. It’s gaming, texting, music etc. Sometimes it’s just nice to be where we actually are and maybe, just maybe be bored for a little bit!

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