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Today isn’t Wednesday. It’s Thanksday.

Why is it that around this time of year we like to think of all the things we are thankful for?  Why is it that we have only ONE day a year (or maybe two if you have dual citizenship) where we are thankful?  Maybe we should redefine the week so that one day a week is called “Thanksday”?  Probably not.  In reality EVERY day should be “Thanksday”!!

But, like most other people, I’m not thankful enough.  I have too much.  My life it too good.  God has abundantly blessed me and my family.  And yet, I always seem to be complaining — about work; about my headaches; about the busyness; about my kids; about the stupid things that people do, or don’t do.  About way too much!!

Why do I do that?  Why do WE all do that?

Our sermon on Sunday dealt with that to some degree and caused me to think (maybe that’s why my brain has hurt for the last few days (that’s just an observation, not a complaint )).  Our pastor said something to the effect of “The more we think we are entitled to, the less gratitude we have.” Eureka!

I’ve always said that the root cause of a lot of our problems in society today are rooted in the entitlement mentality.  “I’m entitled to a better job.” “I’m entitled to do what I want.” “I’m entitled to have sexual relations with whomever I feel like.” “I’m entitled to leave my spouse.” “I’m entitled to ignore my kids after I come home after a long day at work.” etc, etc, etc.  We think of ourselves before others. This isn’t generation “X”, or “Y”.  It should be called Generation “I”.

Now, while I’m pointing fingers, I’m fully aware that I’m pointing back at myself.  I’m aware that I should be more thankful for what I have.  I should be more thankful for my family.  I should be more thankful for my health (which despite my “issues” is really pretty good — after all, I did wake up, get out of bed and got to enjoy today, didn’t I?).

We did an exercise in church on Sunday.  The pastor asked all those who could stand, to stand.  He asked all those who could raise their hand, to do so.  He asked us to look into the eyes of the person next to us to determine their eye colour.  And he asked us all to say “Amen”.

Once we were all confused about WHY we were doing this, he prayed something like… “Thank You that we were able to stand.  Thank You that were able to use our limbs. Thank You that we were able to see.  And thank You that we were able to hear and speak.”

How many times are we truly thankful for those things?  For being able to buy a coffee on the way to work?  For having a car, or public transit to get to work or school?  For having a job, or a school to go to?  For having the money to buy the bus ticket or gas? For being able to go to church?  For being able to worship?  For being able to have a family?  For being able to communicate?  For simply being able to breathe!

There is no question… God is Good!  He has given us more than we can ever imagine.  We need to make every day “Thanksday”. I’m going to try to remember that.



  1. Ken Woodhouse

    Hey, I like the way you slipped in “being able to buy a cup of coffee” lol. Seriously though, I ‘m thankful for what you just wrote. Thanksday is a wonderful idea as was your writing today 🙂

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