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Exercises in Trust and Control

Ask my wife.  She’ll tell you I have issues with “control”.

coasterI like to be in control.  I need to be in control.  I don’t do roller coasters or various rides at amusement parks.  I have to be in control.  I like to do daring things — as long as I’m in control.

I like to be in control of my job, my surroundings, and my life.  I don’t trust other well to be in control of those things.  “Trust me” gets my back up.

So… I think God’s really trying to teach me something here with this house sale.  I’m NOT in control.  I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to sell.  I don’t know why others have sold their homes in short periods of time, with multiple offers, and above asking price, but ours is still for sale.

We’ve had 4 weekends of Open Houses — 250+ people over 28 hours — numerous private showings, lots of good comments, priced below market value, and yet the house hasn’t sold.

I’ve said numerous times, “It’s in God’s hands” and “We’ll just have to trust that He’s in control”.  But do I really think that?  I hope so.  I hope my heart is operating and moving in the same direction as my head.  I hope I truly believe it and truly trust that He’s in control.

I’m NOT in control.  HE’s in control.  He’s got the buyer and timing in control.  And I will, and have put my trust in Him alone.

Thank you Lord!!


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  1. cozycuddles

    I’m so thankful for God’s people in all this. So many people have been so good to counsel us and pray for us. I know that the Lord has sent them to us to let us know we are not alone in this, and to trust Him with everything. My head is convinced of this but I just have to get my gut on board! As a friend told me this morning, we’ll look back on this some day and will say “Wow – God really worked that all out! We never would have thought it could happen like that…” Thank you, Lord, that you’re working it all out…You are good, all the time!

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