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Cars, Bikes, Pedestrians and Craziness

trafficI’ve been working downtown on a contact for over a year now and I’m amazed I haven’t seen more accidents than I have.  Every day, in my walk from Union Station up to Queen Street and back again in the evening, I have witnessed hundreds of “near misses”, but surprisingly few accidents.  That, in itself, amazes me.

Between pedestrians who pay absolutely no attention to the walk/don’t walk signs and the crosswalk locations and have their heads down staring at their phones, to the cyclists who think that just because they have a bike lane they own the road and can ignore the yellow and red lights, turn into the oblivious pedestrians (even when said obliviots actually have the right of way), and the cars that cut off other traffic to make turns and use yellow lights as the signal that means “jump into the intersection to block the traffic, the cyclists and the pedestrians”, and those same pedestrians who step off the curb early and block the car who has jumped into the intersection, I’m amazed someone hasn’t gotten killed, injured, or just plain shot.

People ask me if I enjoy living in the country now.  The answer, every day, is “You bet!!!”

TTFN…. If I make it out alive!

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